Midpoint of College Life

In a month’s time , half of my college life would have been completed .Time has literally flown away . I still remember going to school early morning and having fun in the bus . Chain of events unfold and i am sitting here thinking of everything that has happened over this beautiful period of time .

New experiences, new places and mainly new people .  Lots of lessons learnt (Main being teamwork). Still more awaiting completion . Lots and lots of sleepless nights , random thoughts , emotions . New people walked into life ,and a few went out . Still family has been my constant source of energy . One thing i felt missing was travel . Wish i could travel more and explore the world . And also reduce time wasted on Internet 😛 The next part of college life can only get better 😀

First week at the Internship

Two good years in college and then suddenly I am about to do an internship (working with pros :P). Very aptly named as Summer Internship , coming to Chennai during May is  a nightmare in its own way . That too when u aren’t too familiar with this city , it does not turn out to be as easy as college 😛 . But it all turned out to be good . Ultra friendly people at the office , work (and the enjoyment , fun) and mainly my 4 friends who are now my colleagues have made this first week ultra-cool .Looking forward to more work , more fun and good times 🙂