Drive responsibly

Next time you get caught up in the traffic instead of clicking a picture of it and posting it on Facebook, look around and observe. Just count the number of cars and the number of people in them. There is a very high possibility that around 70% of the cars will have just one person inside. This creates huge traffic jam mainly in the IT corridors. Is there no way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road with the population rising ?


This image has been doing the rounds on social networking sites lately and has a deep meaning. It is high time companies and even the government starts to encourage cyclists,carpooling,ride sharing that will not only help reduce the traffic but could also benefit them economically. The biggest advantage out of this is the emission goes down. Another thing is you get to make new friends and get a break from the usual routine. Carpooling has to be implemented in all companies where almost everyone comes alone in their car.Everyone wants to travel with luxury and in the end get caught up in the race. Introducing a portal for employees to find people from the same locality is a simple way to help. Companies that have a good number of employees should definitely provide van or bus facility. If this is implemented in few places it could inspire everyone to follow and help decongest the roads.


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